Whimsical Photos of Everyday Objects Playfully Reimagined Through the Eyes of a Child

Photographer Peechaya Burroughs‘ playfully minimalistic shots contain a contagious amount of positivity. Through Burroughs’ unique lens, a yellow/orange balloon becomes a perfect egg yolk, food is transformed into artistic material, and origami is magically brought to life. No matter what the concept, each image showcases the artist’s imaginative ability to see the extraordinary in everyday items.

“My photographs mainly consist of things that I create or manipulate by hand,” Burroughs explains on her website. “Occasionally I use Photoshop when enhancing the idea. Driven by childhood memories and very much fascinated by children’s imagination and their quirkiness, the direction of my photography is light, easy to approach with a little touch of everyday optimism.”

On the surface, her portfolio may appear modest and quite simple, but its whimsical nature is what sets it apart. Since optimism is a key component, it’s no wonder that the photographer has been able to prove that ordinary objects have the potential to become brilliant works of art.

Via My Modern Met

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