You’ll Be Amazed After Seeing The Classy Interior Of This Rolls-Royce!


An art-filled Rolls-Royce regarded as a palace on wheels and one of the finest British cars ever made is expected to sell for £700,000 at auction. The Phantom I was commissioned in 1926 by Woolworths’ financial director Clarence Gasque as a surprise gift for his wife, Maude. To ensure she was suitably impressed, Mr Gasque set out on a no-expense-spared project that resulted in the rear seats costing more than the average home. The ten-month project resulted in a car described by experts as being “nothing less than magnificently palatial”.

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The Phantom I was commissioned by Woolworths’ financial director Clarence Gasque as a gift for his wife, Maude.


Mr Gasque, a London-based American, bought the chassis and drivetrain from Rolls-Royce for £1,600. He gave it to Wolverhampton coachbuilder Charles Clark of Wolverhampton, headed up at the time by a Mr Barnett, with the demand the car’s design must be French. While struggling for inspiration, Mr Barnett visited London’s Victoria and Albert Museum where he came across a sedan chair which once belonged to Marie Antoinette. This created the spark that saw Barnett commission craftsmen from Aubusson, France, to spend nine months working on a the tapestry for the rear seats, costing £500 at the time.


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