Watch 3-Year-Old Kid And Volvo Truck In The ‘World’s Largest Unboxing’

Volvo Trucks North America recently set a spectacular record when launching their all-new truck series, the Volvo VNL. By letting 3-year-old Joel Jovine unbox the full-size truck, he not only revealed the U.S.-developed truck, but also helped achieve a formal GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest object unboxed.

In the video, viewers will first see Jovine’s excitement at seeing the extremely large toy truck box, measuring 80’x14’x18’, sitting on the street in a residential area, and then his great reaction when he unboxes the new Volvo VNL model. Jovine also gets to climb in the cab for a firsthand inspection, and then takes a ride with a professional driver.

“Setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title was truly remarkable, but what was most rewarding for me was seeing Joel become so excited seeing the new Volvo VNL 760 revealed when he opened the box,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management for Volvo Trucks North America. “It’s a great feeling to know both young and old have such affinity for Volvo Trucks and our values.”

To set the record, the box had to completely encapsulate the Volvo VNL and then needed to be opened manually, using no tools. The Volvo VNL had to be removed from the box without destroying the box during the process. The box also had to be made of normal box materials – cardboard and cellophane – but internal reinforcement was permitted as long as it didn’t take away from the experience of the unboxing.

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