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Woman Posed For An Epic Divorce Photo Shoot To Let Go Of The Past And Start Fresh


We all have different ways of getting over a relationship. A mother from Iowa came up with a very unique way to get back at her ex-husband and let go of the past.

h/t: dailymail, diply


Catherine Meisenburg met her groom when she was just 14 years old. The two were childhood sweethearts and had three children together. Her husband of seven years refused to get a job and was constantly out with his friends. Meisenburg also claimed that her husband lied and cheated on her, according to Daily Mail.


Meisenburg, 24, said that she had wanted to leave her husband for about three years, but could never bring herself to actually do it.


She finally built up the courage to call it quits. However, this mother decided to go all out for her divorce. She decided to have a divorce photo shoot. The shoot was symbolic in helping Meisenburg let go of her past and start a new future. Of course, no breakup shoot is complete without smashing something with a baseball bat.


Photographer Angela Josephine is the mastermind behind these empowering photos.


“It was very relieving for her, that last goodbye,” Josephine told Daily Mail of photo shoot. “It did hurt a little bit, she had a pretty horrible breakup with him and a horrible past couple of years.”


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