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Living With Humanoid Robot

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Tomomi Ota pushes a cart loaded with her humanoid robot Pepper in the early morning on her way to work in Tokyo, Japan, 27 June 2016. Reaching 120cm in height and 28 kilograms in weight, Pepper does not enter in the category of portable robot. But those characteristics dont stop Tomomi Ota to take Pepper in a cart to stroll in her neighborhood, go shopping or even take the subway.

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

In June 2014, when Pepper was presented for the first time by Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation Softbank at a press event, Tomomi looked at the presentation via a live broadcast on Ustream. While some people were scared or reluctant by the new humanoid robot, curiosity pushed her to apply to lottery sales for the first lot of 200 Pepper.

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

She was lucky enough to acquire then a Developers Pepper, the first models of the robots which need to be programmed by the users. Pepper entered Tomomis home in November 2014 and was soon adopted by her parents to become a member of the family. Having degrees in media design and music, Tomomi had to learn programming and her efforts deepened her bonds with her new friend.

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Capable of reading human emotions and to adapt to his interlocutor, the robot created by Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank Robotics is now used as customer service in stores and 1000 units are sold out in minutes after being on sale every month.

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Pepper is making his way to Japanese homes but few can enjoy so much outdoor like Tomomis one. Asked if she isnt worried about damaging her robot friend during her activities, the 30-year-old said that she is taking extra care as she couldnt imagine being separated two months from Pepper, the average time needed for a repair.

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

Photo by Franck Robichon / EPA

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