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A Futuristic And Interactive Jewel Directly Projected On Your Neck

With the Neclumi project, the Polish art collective panGenerator is trying to imagine the future of jewelry through a futuristic and interactive jewel concept directly projected on your neck.

More info: panGenerator (h/t: ufunk)

Consists of a pico projector, microphone and accelerometers, this jewel of light will react to your actions, changing shape to suit your movements and the surrounding sounds. This beautiful design is currently a prototype, but the collective hope that this project will become a reality in the coming years.

“At the current stage the whole setup is based on iPhone running custom app and a picoprojector connected via hdmi cable and attached to the wearers chest. Given the rate of miniaturisation of the picoprojector technology and observing the trend of wearables treated more as jewellery and fashion accessories rather than just gadgets, we predict that wearable projection and projection-based jewellery become a reality in a few years.”

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