No Man’s Land: Fukushima Exclusion Zone Through The Eyes Of Daredevil Stalker


It has been five years since reactor four went in to meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant, triggered by a huge tsunami and earthquake that devastated Japan. The nuclear disaster led to the imposition of a 20 mile evacuation zone, similar to that seen in Chernobyl, more than 25 years earlier. Many of the towns that lay within it, have remained almost untouched since. Determined to see the evidence for himself, photographer Keow Wee Loong ignored the need for special permit and crept in to the exclusion zone overnight.

h/t: metro


“When i enter the red zone, i can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell in the air. before i went there the authority told me that i need a special permit to visit this town and it take 3-4 weeks to get the approval from the local council,, well too much bureaucracy bullshit for i just sneak in the forest to avoid cops on the road …AND IT WAS AMAZING !!!!!, I still remember what is like to only have a GPS and google map walking in the wood at 2am in the morning to get into the town of okuma,futaba and namie.” – says Keow Wee Loong.


“Have you ever wonder what is like in fukushima exclusion zone now ??? . to feel what is like to be the only person walking in the town when you have 100% full access to every shop and explore??. when i was young i always had a dream like this, If i’m alone in a supermarket i will eat all the chocolate up XD …”


“Everything is exactly where it is after the earthquake struck this town . the reident started to evacuate the town when tsunami warning came in ….hours later the fukushima daichi power plant exploded that lead to harmful radiation leaked.”




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