Fascinating Photos Of A Frozen Niagara Falls Taken This Year


As winter descends upon North America, the tourist crowds at Niagara Falls thin and the landscape transforms.

3,000 tons of still flow over the edge during every minute that passes, but in winter, some of that water ends up hardening into ice. Little by little, if the temperature stays low enough, the waterfall will eventually grow a thin shell of ice.

Though the falls will likely never freeze into a solid mass of stationary ice, it’s not uncommon for the area below the falls to grow a sturdy “ice bridge” due to accumulated spray from the falls. According to history, the bridge used to freeze so solidly that visitors could walk between the US and Canada and vendors would even set up stalls on it.

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Icy mist at dusk

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A Frozen Paradise ❄️❄️❄️

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Spectacular #FrozenFalls shot courtesy of @evologist! #NiagaraParks

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Another amazing frozen falls shot! This time courtesy of @mindz.eye #NiagaraParks

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One of the best views in Niagara Parks ❄️ Photo: @elsa.maret #NiagaraParks

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