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Elderly Animals By Isa Leshko


Melancholy photo project, created by US photographer Isa Leshko. Here: Blue, Australian Kelpie, Age 19.

More info: Isa Leshko

Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33

“Images of animals that are prevalent in popular culture generally depict animals that are juvenile, or at the very least, in the prime of their lives. In these images, animals are exoticized, anthropomorphized, and/or infantilized. This project examines animals who are elderly or at the end stage of their lives.”

Rooster, Age Unknown

“I am traveling to sanctuaries across the country to photograph animals that are elderly or at the end stage of their lives. I began this series shortly after I had spent a year in New Jersey helping my sister care for my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. When mom got sick, I made a conscious decision not to photograph her. But, caring for her had a profound impact on me and I knew the experience would influence my photography.”

Pumpkin, Morgan Arabian Horse, Age 28

Finn Sheep, Both Age 12

Ash, Domestic White Turkey, Age 8

Abe, Alpine Goat, Age 21

Teresa, Yorkshire Pig, Age 13

Marino, Bronze Turkey, Age 5

Kelly, Irish Wolfhound, Age 11

Bobby, White Domestic Duck, Age 11

Phyllis, Southdown Sheep, Age 13

Sierra, White Holland Turkey, Age 3

Red, Chow Mix, Age 14+

Violet, Potbellied Pig, Age 12

Embden Goose, Age 28

Kiri, Great Plains Wolf, Age 17

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