‘I Survived 2020’ Silver Commemoratives: A Perfect Gift for The Coin Collector

These seven sided commemoratives weigh 8g and have a diameter of 40mm. The last picture is for comparison and shows the item next to a 50p coin – perfect to add to albums and collections.

The case (8.5cm x 4.5cm x 1cm – not including the feet) is made from Acrylic Glass (PMMA) and is of very solid construction. There is a groove to one side so the item can easily be opened and clicked shut. The interior is composed of strong, felt covered vinyl (EVA) so your coins are held very strongly in place. There are also two small feet for display/presentation purposes – these are easily removed for ease of storage etc.

The presentation box is extremely well made and is coated in a strong vinyl material – excellent quality. The lid is held in place with a strong magnet and lifts to reveal a felt lined interior with indents to snugly hold the contents. The box measures 12cm x 10cm and has a height of 2.5cm.

This badass coin is to remind you to keep calm and not give a fuck!Keep this highly detailed, totally fucking awesome, “I Don’t Give A Fuck” coin in your pocket to serve as a reminder to let cooler heads prevail… and in case you forgot, that you truly DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

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