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This Serene Outdoor Sanctuary Has Sculptural Concrete Seating

Bruce Damonte

Sometimes, you just need a place to relax and unwind, which is exactly what Belzberg Architects have designed for this cancer treatment and research center in California. Located in Duarte, California, the design team was inspired by the “wishing trees” found across the campus that hold hundreds of personal notes tied to branches with messages of hope for the health of loved ones. The new project, which comprises of two buildings that will be used for exhibits, events and offices, wrap around an existing century-old camphor tree.

The finished project is an outdoor sanctuary where visitors can enjoy fresh air while being protected by the shade of the tree. 75 plaques backlit with LEDS have been installed along the surface of both concrete walls to highlight the facility’s many milestones while leaving room for future accomplishments to be added.

More info: Belzberg Architects (h/t: contemporist)

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

Bruce Damonte

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