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These Houses Are Designed In The Shape Of Famous Logos

Architects never seize to surprise us with their intricate and innovative designs. Some showcase their ingenuity by creating unique functionalities in the houses they design, others demonstrate never-seen-before exteriors. Recently, architect Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse studio demonstrated unusual house designs after finding inspiration in an unexpected place — logos of famous brands. Logos, usually being simplistic yet novel, turned out to be the perfect reference to outstanding architecture.

The architect’s project containing some of the well-known logos comprises the trihouse, crosshouse, rhombhouse and pyrahouse. The created designs give a brand new look to the symbols that represent the brands.

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One of the houses, called trihouse takes a form of triangle and resembles the Adidas logo. The design of the house is completed with three oblique concrete walls separated by large glass panels.

The second house of the project is called crosshouse. This house takes the shape that resembles a cross and has a huge main facade made out of glass.

The third design is called a rhombhouse. The large diamond-shaped structure has an element of glazing in the middle which allows seeing through the whole building.

The pyrahouse, fourth design of the series, resembles a pyramid. The house includes a pair of triangle-shaped windows that open the view inside the house.

Some other works of Karina Wiciak include a penthouse which resembles the contours of a mountain. The 1528 ft2 (142 m2) house demonstrates the mesmerizing pentagonal geometry.

She has also created a stunning greenhouse, which is a modern cottage inspired by traditional barn architecture.

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