Pop Photography of Robert Whitaker

Robert Whitaker became involved with the Beatles after photographing their manager, Brian Epstein for the Jewish News in Melbourne.

Epstein was reportedly so impressed with the resulting image of himself adorned with peacock feathers that he offered Whitaker a job as staff photographer for his artist management company.

Whitaker photographed Salvador Dali in Barcelona and Cadaquez, Spain, and Paris between 1969 and 1972. He interspersed this celebrity work with coverage of the Vietnam war.

A fan of surrealism, Whitaker was inspired by Dali and reportedly considered him as his “artistic hero”

Whitaker was one of several Australians creating a strong artistic imprint on London in the 1960s. This collaboration between Whitaker and artist Martin Sharp is titled “Plant a Flower Child”.

This photo taken by Whitaker of the Beatles was featured on the cover of Mojo magazine. His photographs still sell for thousands of dollars. (Craig Borrow)

A 1965 photo by Robert Whitaker entitled “John and Cynthia Lennon at Weybridge” shows Beatle John, wife Cynthia and son Julian.

Alongside his pop photography, Whitaker created album covers and worked on the influential underground magazine, Oz.

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