Nick Steinberg Captures Breathtaking Landscapes Of Foggy San Francisco’s Climate

Nicholas Steinberg is an award winning landscape photographer from California, who is obsessed with the San Francisco fog waves. Nick has spent the past 8 years shooting the fog waves in this area.

More info: Nicholas Steinberg, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist, boredpanda)

“I check the cams, satellites, and other forecasts to always be able to just get up and go,” he says.

“Recently in my studies of the area I have discovered something amazing! During the summer months, when the fog is created from high amounts of inland heat, it gets too high to shoot in the bay area (including the Golden Gate Bridge) as it is usually above 1,000′ and the bridge sits at 746′. In addition, since it is coming from the Pacific ocean, the coastline is pretty much unshootable. So the only option is to hit up the high vantage points, one of the best being Mt. Tamalpais, which sits at 2,572′.”

“Mt. Tam allows you to get, “above it all” and is literally heaven on earth as you feel on top of the world or almost on an airplane looking down on clouds. What I discovered from hundreds of trips up there is, when the fog rolls through and is at the perfect height and density, it will create wave-like movements as it contours the land. This is where I coined the term “Fog Waves” as it literally looks like waves that resemble the ocean.”

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