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This Archaeology Soap Has Hidden Dinosaurs Inside


Bath time is already fun, but why not make it even more enjoyable with this awesome archaeology soap, available on ThinkGeek?

Before you say it, yes, we know it should technically be called paleontology soap, but what’s done is done. And whatever it’s called doesn’t change the fact that it’s the coolest soap around. Why? Because it’s got dinosaurs inside it!

More info: ThinkGeek (h/t: boredpanda)


The soap is made to replicate the layers of the earth, and each layer contains different elements such as bentonite clay and pumice that wear away at different rates, just like in real life!


The soap is a 13oz, 3-inch cube, which is pretty huge for a bar of soap, and it apparently smells like dirt with a hint of peppermint (don’t ask). Want one? Then head on over to ThinkGeek.


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