Gentle Giants Studio Has Designed A Collection Of Candles Intended To Raise Awareness Of The Global Warming – Design You Trust

Gentle Giants Studio Has Designed A Collection Of Candles Intended To Raise Awareness Of The Global Warming

The collection of candles, created for BOZU Italian Design Workshop, is named Bergy Bit, which is the scientific term for a small iceberg “bit” that has broken free from a larger iceberg. And the candles melt and change form as they burn, reminding you that icebergs do the same.

Each candle sits on a handmade ceramic plate and will burn in its own distinct way. The collection features three scents, Deep Sea Blue (Galbanum and Petit Grain), Ice (Bergamot, Narcissus, and Ylang), and Burgundy (Bergamot, Mandarin, and Green Bamboo), and are available in two sizes.

“Bergy Bit is intended to represent the effects of global warming, melting the worlds icebergs slowly away as the candle burns and time passes. This product is designed to make people aware of the effects of environmental changes. This unique iceberg candle is available in two sizes and three different scents to give your home an exclusive design accent“, says Michael Breschi, CEO and Founder of Gentle Giants Studio.

More info: Gentle Giants Studio

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