Baker Turns Loaves of Bread into Adorably Sleepy “Catloaf” – Design You Trust

Baker Turns Loaves of Bread into Adorably Sleepy “Catloaf”


If you’re a cat owner, then you’ve probably seen a “catloaf” before. It’s when your furry friend tucks their paws underneath their body and looks like a loaf of bread that just came out of the oven. Yorkshire baker Lou Lou P’s Delights created an adorable homage to this pose with her edible catloaf.


Using an ordinary bread recipe, she molded and formed the dough into a easily-recognizable cat body, down to the little ears on its head. Lou Lou then drew a sleepy expression on the face of the loaf, which adds even more cuteness to this creation.


With a little finesse and baking know-how, you too can make your own catloaf. Lou Lou recommends using Donna Currie’s recipe for Bunny Bread, which produces a dough that’s perfect for shaping into a serene cat or tuckered-out kittens.


According to Urban Dictionary, a catloaf is “when a cat sits in the shape of a loaf of bread.”

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