Japanese Artist and Designer CHA2’s Cyberpunk Headgear Looks Like It Came from The Future

If your Venn diagram of interests includes Japanese subculture, street fashion, and cyberpunk, chances are you already know about Hirofumi Matsuura, who goes by the artist name CHA2 (pronounced “cha-tsu”) and runs the fashion brand trico inc.

Inspired by the world of robot anime and video games, he uses the latest gadgets and technologies to create visually stunning creations at the intersection of fashion and media art, motivated by what he describes on his Twitter profile as “a mission to convey a sense of excitement about the near future.”

Combining his own trico brand street fashion that boldly displays futuristic typography and graphic design, on the one hand, and various forms of light and display technology featuring still or motion graphics on the other, he creates an impressive cyberpunk aesthetic with looks that seem lifted from science fiction films or video games.

More: Instagram, Twitter h/t: grapee

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