The Superb ‘Stillness in Motion’ Sculpture by Olga Ziemska

Stillness in Motion: The Matka Series is an ongoing body of sculptures by Polish artist Olga Ziemska. To date, the artist has installed several of these sculptures in various places including: The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland; The Daejeon Museum of Art in South Korea; and even an art festival in Romania.

“The body of work explores the concept of place. In this ongoing series I use locally harvested trees that grow native to an area to create a female figure in different countries all around the world. The word “matka” in Polish means mother, a person that is significant to the idea of place, origin and our first physical environment—the womb. Through the repetition of the human form, the subtle characteristics of each environment will emerge naturally and visually. This body of work is ultimately a celebration of the diversity of place and a homage to the similarities that underlie all things at their core,” she says.

More: Olga Ziemska, Instagram, Facebook h/t: twistedsifter

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