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This Fantastic 1000-Piece Full Moon Puzzle

July 16, 2019 marked the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch – the historic mission to the Moon where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first of humankind to set foot on the Moon. Our Moon puzzle celebrates this momentous achievement and will challenge and delight puzzle solvers everywhere.

This 1000 piece, 26.5″ (67cm) circular puzzle features the near side of the Moon in incredible detail. The image, courtesy of NASA, is the clearest image of the Moon to date and shows even the tiniest of craters in stunning clarity.

Although this puzzle is a challenge, being able to see all the details on the Moon’s surface and having no two pieces exactly the same shape make this puzzle enjoyable and achievable.

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Using unique imagery and good design, Four Point Puzzles creates high quality puzzles that they’re sure we will love as much as they do.

Their small team is based in Toronto, Ontario, where they are continuously adding to their never ending list of puzzles that they want to make and share with us.

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