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Ikea Had A Great Reaction To Balenciaga Making A $2,145 Version Of Its 99-Cent Blue Bag

IKEA have issued a hilarious advert for its $0.99 shopping bag so its customers can rest assured they’ve bought the real deal. The amusing ad is in response to French luxury fashion house Balenciaga’s new handbag which looks suspiciously similar to the iconic Ikea FRAKTA bag.

h/t: adweek, thesun

This was too much comedy for Ikea to process silently. In Sweden, at the urging of its agency partner Acne, Ikea (via in-house shop Ikea Creative Shop) whipped up a print ad and a social post comically explaining to readers how to tell the difference between Balenciaga’s bag and Ikea’s.

The print ad reads:

How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag
1) Shake it. If it rustles, it’s the real deal.
2) Multifunctional. It can carry hockey gear, bricks, and even water.
3) Throw it in the dirt. A true Frakta is simply rinsed off with a garden hose when dirty.
4) Fold it. Are you able to fold it to the size of a small purse? If the answer is yes, congratulations.
5) Look inside. The original has an authentic Ikea tag.
6) Price tag. Only $0.99.

They added: “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

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