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Artist Creates Fantastic and Detailed ‘Portal to Heaven’ with Paper

According to Zubin Jhaveri: “This paper sculpture is inspired by the intricately carved domes of ancient Indian temples the likes of which are not found today.

Numerous nymphs playing musical instruments and dancing in various poses were carved into the domes at a height of 50 feet. These scenes of joyous worship inevitably feel like a poem in stone that makes the viewer oblivious to all but a feeling of being transported to a divine dimension. ‘PORTAL TO HEAVEN’ is my homage to such mesmerizing domes that truly are a portal to a heavenly world.

The dimensions of the paper sculpture are 23” x 23” x 8” (LxWxH). The artwork has over 300 layers of cut paper and took nearly 8 months to create, from conception to completion.”

More: Zubin Jhaveri, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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