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There’s Now a Poop Knife That Will Help You Get Your Poo Down The Toilet

There’s probably somebody in your life who has poops so humongous that there’s just no real way of getting them down the toilet without some sort of personal intervention. Poop Knife is the perfect gift for them!

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Sure they could use a kitchen knife to slice the poo in half in order to flush it down the pipes, but why dirty a kitchen tool in such a way when there’s a designated tool out there to get the job done? This useful tool is specifically made for slicing your discharge in half for a proper flush! Made with a strong metal core that’s surrounded with hygienic silicone for easy slicing and cleaning, Poop Knife will allow you to be a samurai to your poo-poo platter.

The poop knife measures 9.8 inches (25 cm) long, and has a handle on one end, and a soft blade on the other end of it for slicing your dung. Just be sure not to confuse which side is which before using. They also state that the poop knife is long enough to keep your hand clear of all danger in a standard depth toilet.

In their own words: “Original Poop Knife will chop the most compacted of brownies, the most seasoned of sausages, the hardwood of butt logs, the longest of sewer snakes, the most ferocious of bog crocodiles, and the fattest of heaved Havanas.”

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