This Public Toilet At The Central Bus Station In Russian Voronezh Is So Romantic They Lit Candels In It – Design You Trust

This Public Toilet At The Central Bus Station In Russian Voronezh Is So Romantic They Lit Candels In It

Public bathroom, it is usually a place that gives you a bad experience and you just try to erase it from your memory as soon as you get out of it. However at the central bus station in Voronezh, Russia, the public restroom has no electricity, water nor heating from the beginning of the year but they charge the fee around $0.25.

h/t: slavforum

Bathroom manager Valentina Terekhina explained, that administration of this bus station is guilty for these problems as they are trying to kill her small business by turning off all the water, electricity and heating.

“You can pick your toilet paper here according to your needs.”

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