Terrifying Russian Architecture Which Looks Better From Above

The main highlight of these unique Moscow buildings is their architectural forms. At usual angles they may look absolutely differently. But the creative idea of architects is disclosed in full measure only if you look at the buildings from above.

The Circle

This is an experimental project of Russian architects Evgeny Stamo and Alexander Markelov. The residential house was built in 1972. The building was dedicated to the Olympic Games in 1980 and supposed to have 5 circles but after the second one the project was closed.


The Snowflake

Another name is ‘Biohazard’. The legendary unfinished hospital in Khovrino District, Moscow. The construction has began in 1980 and in 1985 it was abandoned for unknown reasons. This building is considered a mystical and dangerous place.


The Star

The theater of Russian army was built in 1930s. This beautiful building has a form of a star which is hardly noticeable from the ground. They say that during the WWII German pilots used it as a benchmark.


The DNA Spiral

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences was created in 1959 in the USSR and got the new building in 1984. It has a form of the DNA helix which is also the logo of the Institute.


The Wall

Research Institute ‘Argon’ was built in 1970s and now it is one of the longest buildings in Moscow; its lenght is 735 meters.


The Crown

Large-scale residential complex «Grand Park». It was built in 2007 in Khodynka Field, Moscow. Houses of the huge complex are placed in an unusual way which reminds an image of a crown.


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