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Brazilian Expats Launch Project That Is Going To Change The Face Of Tourism In Berlin

In addition to observing the German city from a totally different and unique point of view, people soon will be able to show the world their hometowns through this new look.

Nicole Plauto and Ligia Fascioni have joined their talents and expertise to found, a company that will offer a very different way of bringing home a souvenir from the German capital. The project brings together storytelling, illustration, photography, culture, social media, tourism and history, as well as appreciation and respect for diversity.

Nicole and Ligia found out that some exotic people walking through the city actually came from the Andromeda Galaxy, where they all have creative professions. The Wesen, as they call these exotic creatures, often take a sabbatical at other planets: the experience broadens their minds and help them generate new ideas. From time to time an expedition full of new Wesen arrives through a secret portal.

Nicole and Ligia are teaching the Wesen how to use social media in order to help them interact with humans, since they normally communicate only through telepathy. They took the form of plush toy arts to absorb experiences more efficiently, as well as being more friendly and comfortable to humans.

The first assisted expedition is composed by the sarcastic Helga, a Cosmic History teacher; the most intelligent Jean-Pierre, an Artificial Geniosity developer and the fun Mia, Choreographer of News. Their day-to-day life in Berlin can be followed by Facebook and Instagram. Humans can ask questions and interact as well.

The entrepreneurs are developing a cloning technique, so that in the near future, people can take their favorite Wesen home and help them to acquire new experiences. Also, new expeditions can arrive at any moment.

Berlin will never be the same. You should check it out.

More info: Nicole Plauto, Ligia Fascioni,

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