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ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015

Until 28 February 2016 visitors to ZSL London Zoo will be able to admire the stunning shots entered into the Zoological Society of London’s fourth annual photography competition, displayed in a striking exhibition. Combining mesmerising imagery with the enthralling sights, and sounds of the creatures at the Zoo, the exhibition is on show within squawking distance of the flamboyant flamingos and picturesque pelicans.

The exhibition’s top wildlife photographs were chosen by a panel of judges including ZSL Honorary Conservation Fellow and television presenter Kate Humble, and renowned ornithologist Bill Oddie.


The Strongest Bond by Tom Way. The Perfect Moment category; Adult runner up. (Photo by Tom Way/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Anoura Geoffroy’s tailless bat by Nicolas Reusens. The Perfect Moment category; Adult runner up. (Photo by Nicolas Reusens/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Sleeping Beauty by Tianha Williams. Last Chance to See category; Runner up. (Photo by Tianha Williams/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Bright Eyes by Carolyn Collins. Weird and Wonderful category; Adult winner. (Photo by Carolyn Collins/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Parenthood by Alex Wendelken. Size Matters category; Junior winner. (Photo by Alex Wendelken/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Orange-tipped Butterfly by Samuel Bayliss. The Birds and the Bees category; Adult runner up. (Photo by Samuel Bayliss/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


In the Deep by Regain English. Deep and Meaningful category; Junior runner up. (Photo by Regain English/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)


Turtle Portrait by Michael Gallagher. Deep and Meaningful category; Adult runner up. (Photo by Michael Gallagher/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)

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