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Stunning 3D Printed Mycelium Shoe By Ica & Kostika

Ica & Kostika just launched their 3D printing studio with the goal of creating fashion-forward footwear via computational design. The Mycelium Shoe is just as much sculpture as it is a shoe, an intricate work of art that’s designed to make a statement. Whether that statement is on a runway, Lady Gaga’s feet, or walking down a city street remains to be seen.

The Mycelium Shoe benefits from the latest 3D printing has to offer. First, the future wearer downloads the app and uploads a series of photos of their feet. Their algorithm then creates a 3D sketch that allows for fit improvements before 3D printing and finishing with automotive grade technologies that make up the final structure.

The result is a custom fit, wearable shoe with a unique silhouette that will surely stop traffic. If you’re brave or just intrigued, you can jump on a pair but fair warning – they are a limited edition of only five pairs. They’ll be available for pre-order later this year as part of a future collection entitled Exobiology.

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