Coffee Served In A Cone? Enjoy This Unique Drink At A Specialty Cafes Around The World! – Design You Trust

Coffee Served In A Cone? Enjoy This Unique Drink At A Specialty Cafes Around The World!

#coffeeinacone is a concept developed by Dayne Levinrad to bring some much needed innovation and excitement into the coffee industry worldwide. Dayne mastered his Coffee skill in Australia for 4 years and has consulted in Brazil and America helping various Coffee shops develop products.

Coffeeinacone is exactly what the names says. You can have your coffee, either a Cappuccino or an Espresso in a chocolate coated Ice-Cream cone. The cone is coated in a special chocolate compound made from various types of cacao in order to make it leak-proof.

More info: Coffeeinacone, Instagram, Facebook

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