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Post Modern Architectural Cakes By A Fashion Designer Turned Baker

A.R.D. Bakery is a London based cake design studio specialising in bespoke cakes and chocolates with a unique, graphic style.

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“A.R.D. Bakery is the creation of designer Alison Dunlop. Originally graduating from the Sculpture degree at Glasgow School of Art, I then moved into fashion accessories, studying at London College of Fashion Cordwainers then completing an MA in fashion accessories at the prestigious Royal College of Art. I spent 10 years working in the industry, designing bags, shoes and jewellery for many high end brands.”

“I come from a family of home bakers, famed at the local fetes and bake sales, but hadn’t considered it as a career until maternity leave sparked in interest in experimenting how to put together classic baking with a design led high end fashion aesthetic. Further experimentation in chocolate work led incorporating bold, graphic patterns, strong colours and a fun playful look.”

“My inspiration comes from a diverse range of sources: architecture, lighting design, textiles and graphic design as well as print and sculpture. Drawing on the playfulness of the memphis group, I love to combines bold graphic prints with hand painted chocolate work to create a unique style.

These cakes are designed to be fun graphic led sculptural pieces that are also delicious to eat.”

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