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Simone Williams Breaks Guinness Record for World’s Largest Afro

Simone Williams, a young woman from Brooklyn, New York, recently broke the Guinness record for world’s largest natural afro, with her impressive 4 ft. 10 in (1.48 m) hairdo.

Simone started growing her hair naturally 9 years ago, as a way to save money on hair salon visits, ut never imagined that she would one day break the record for the world’s largest female afro. She had been wearing her hair straight until then, and admits that the transition was pretty tough at first, as she didn’t know how to properly manage her natural hair texture.

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She eventually got used to it though, and actually started comments and compliments on her “voluminous natural afro”. After reading about the previous record holder, Aevin Dugas, Simone was inspired to attempt breaking the record, but she still couldn’t believe it when she got the news.

Simone says that her larger-than-life afro is a way to celebrate her ancestry and represents a symbol of freedom and liberation. Sure, she can’t really wear hats anymore, and has to watch out for low-hanging tree branches, but she wears her impressive natural hairdo with prid

How it started…

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