This Soccer Team’s Angry-Faced Mascot Will Haunt Your Every Waking Moment

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The Scottish soccer team Partick Thistle has a mascot, and it’s caused quite a stir on social media. The mascot was designed by artist David Shrigley and was unveiled Monday after the Scottish team signed a new six-figure sponsorship deal with the California-based company Kingsford Capital Management.

The mascot is named Kingsley, and it’s pretty unclear what exactly Kingsley is.

“Terrifying” and “nightmarish” have been two common reactions to Shrigley’s Kingsley, with novelist Irvine Welsh hitting the nail on the head when describing the mascot as looking like “Lisa Simpson on crystal meth”. As well as appearing in person on match days, Kingsley’s face will also adorn the front of Partick Thistle kits and feature prominently around the club’s Firhill ground. Will the visiting opposition be able to handle this intimidating new signing? Keep an eye out when the season starts to see what effect Kingsley has on Partick’s fortunes…

More: David Shrigley, Facebook, Instagram h/t: time, we-heart

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