“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”: A CGI Master Made A New Artwork Every Day For 10 Years

Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. His short films have screened at onedotzero, Prix Ars Electronica, the Sydney Biennale, Ann Arbor Film Festival and many others.

He makes a variety of art crap across a variety of media. Some of it is ok, but a lot of it kind of blows ass. He’s working on making it suck less everyday though so bear with him… For 10 years he’s been posting a new digital illustration—ranging from the abstract to representative, sci-fi to surreal, somber to sarcastic—every 24 hours.

Nevertheless, he insists it’s well-within the reach of any artist:

“Just start an everyday,” he tells Creators. “It’s become more popular on Instagram, but there are always more people who would benefit from doing it. Any time you’re putting in the work, it pays off. And if you’re worried about commitment, I miss breakfast all the time.”

More info: Mike Winkelmann, Artstation, Behance, Instagram, Facebook

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