Artist Photoshops Kids’ Drawings As If They Were Real, And It’s Terrifyingly Funny – Design You Trust

Artist Photoshops Kids’ Drawings As If They Were Real, And It’s Terrifyingly Funny

This dad is making the internet a much better and way more fun place! Dad Tom Curtis (previously) from London runs the ‘Things I Have Drawn’ Instagram page where he shows what would happen if children’s drawings became reality.

Tom has two kids— Dom (11) and Al (8)—and he photoshops their and other children’s fun, creative, and goofy doodles to bring them to life. The result is both terrifying and hilarious and we absolutely love it! We really wanted to show this dad’s newest work to you, dear Pandas, so scroll down, enjoy, and upvote your fave pics.

More: Things I Have Drawn, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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