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Meet Diandra Forrest, Stunning Albino African American Model

This green-eyed blonde with African features made a splash in the fashion world. According to critics, Diandra Forrest has an absolute beauty, and her story – contemporary Cinderella’s story.

In fact, Albinism in blacks is extremely rare. Whereas the majority of whites with albinism have pale blond or white hair, pink white skin, and blue eyes, black persons with albinism tend to have hair of a deeper, brighter yellow, cream-colored skin. Also, green or hazel eyes. Meanwhile, Albinism affects people of all ethnic backgrounds. Its frequency worldwide is approximately one in 17,000. Because melanin can’t protect their skin, these people have to avoid sunlight. Unfortunately, because of their unusual appearance they have to tolerate bullying of others.

African-American top model and fashion model Diandra Forrest was born Oct. 22, 1989, in Bronx, New York City, USA. Forrest has a brother, also suffering from albinism. Since she had to endure the humiliation of peers, parents of Diandra had to put the girl out of the public school to a specialist. Diandra began modeling after she was noticed by photographer Shameer Khan during shopping.

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