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Now You Can Touch A Niceballs To Relieve The Stress At Work


Imaginarte, the communications agency, has developed a prosthetic accessory that makes it possible. Holidays are the perfect excuse for doing the things that daily life normally gets in the way of: going to the same beach as every year, cremating steaks on the barby, taking up trekking without having a clue what that is, monging out watching a 9 hour monster session of that series you read the spoilers for months ago. Or simply sitting around playing with your balls.

More info: Imaginarte, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)


It doesn’t matter whether you have them or not. There are moments when we all, men and women alike, just need to play with our balls. So, what’s the problem? Returning to work after our much-needed holidays invariably means we just haven’t got the time for it.


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