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These Protective Wearables Feature Tiny Cat Ears For Added Playfulness


Russian brand Nitrinos has created a line of female-centric motorcycle helmets that add an element of playfulness into the overall design with a cat-themed aesthetic complete with three dimension cat ears at the top. The helmets are designed to give riders the much needed protection along with a stylish look that is quite unlike anything else currently on the market.

h/t: trendhunter, boredpanda


When the wearer adorns one of the Nitrinos’ helmets, they truly do look like they are a cat. The helmets feature a sleek and fitted shape complete with a decal of a painted kitten drawn across the front of the face shield and visor. The expression on the cat is exaggerated with a bold use of colors and emphasis on the design of the feline’s eyes. The kitten aesthetic is completed with two pointed ears.


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