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The Kensington Futuristic Digital Billboard By Zaha Hadid Design Is Unveiled

UK Digital media company JCDecaux invited Zaha Hadid Design to redefine the design language of outdoor advertising by creating a billboard that integrates contemporary design and digital media. The result is The Kensington, a large twisting sculptural stainless steel ribbon that encloses a giant oval digital screen.

The Kensington provides brands with a unique communications’ channel in the capital that combines the latest in digital screen technology with a spectacular, curved double-ribbon stainless steel design in the inimitable style of Zaha Hadid.

Set in an area that has been landscaped to enhance the local environment with the planting of trees and greenery, The Kensington features integrated lighting that enhances visibility for pedestrians.

“Both a civic gesture and a promotional medium, the intertwined, looped ribbon design expresses the dynamism of pedestrian and vehicle traffic movements that intersect at this important London junction. The stainless steel ribbon twists as it encircles the screen, defining a varying silhouette when seen from different viewpoints,” said Melodie Leung, senior associate at Zaha Hadid Design.

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