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Enjoy Sneaky Naps At Work With This Hand-Shaped Head Holder


If you’re sick and tired of holding your own head up at work or can’t find a comfortable way to nap “al desko,” your struggles are over thanks to this hand-shaped, cushioned head holder.

So you can finally nap the nine-to-five away in peace. Every time you sneak in a nap you can high-five your Agonose Arm, too.


From Japanese designers Thanko comes this nifty tool that attaches to your desk and provides support to any heavy-headed office worker.


Made from super-soft urethane material and fully adjustable, the squidgy Agonose Arm offers the user optimum comfort.


Thanko also say that the handy tool improves posture. Apparently it’s not slouching that gives you a sore back — it’s the sheer weight of your head.


The arm extends up to 27.9 inches and costs 4,980 yen, or around $40, which is an absolute bargain for what you get.

We can’t find the arm in retailers just yet, but word is they’re coming to Amazon soon. Until then, you’ll just have to stick to traditional methods of remaining conscious at work and holding your own head up like some sort of peasant.
h/t: pulptastic

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