A Creative Duo Have An Idea For Ben & Jerry’s That They Think Could Help Inspire Fellow Americans To Choose A Sweeter Option In The Upcoming Midterm Elections

“All this wall building and bridge burning from the White House has left a bad taste in our mouths.”

The Midterm Selections is a series of playfully unsavory ice cream flavors inspired by the unsavory characters in the White House to be released for a limited time leading up to the Midterm Elections. The American public is bound to be tickled by curiously-yucky flavors like The Great American Cone-Over, Bannanon Split, and Bowling Green Tea.

Best part? Proceeds from every pint put some good back into the world.

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“All this climate change denial has left a bad taste in our mouths.”

“All this bullying from the White House has left a bad taste in our mouths”

“All these alternative facts and made-up massacres from the White House have left a bad taste in our mouths.”

“All these unkept promises and phony female empowerment has left a bad taste in our mouths”

“All this white nationalism and xenophobia has left a bad taste in our mouths.”

“All these distasteful anti-gay agendas from the White House have left a bad taste in our mouths.”

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