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Into The Canvas: One Model, Incredible Makeup, And No Photoshop

Being André Derain

“Into the canvas. Half a year working with Andrew Kezzyn and Bella Grigoryants.

Standing in the middle of a DIY supermarket… It does not mean maintenance in your flat. It is preparation for going deep into the canvas. We have tried on the colour, the light, the perspective and the atmosphere of Neo-Classical painting. We have built the picture into its depth.

We have painted it and found ourselves behind the canvas, just like behind a mirror. We have been inside. For a moment. For one thousandth of a second. That is exactly how much time a camera needs to catch hold of the room. The shutter has snapped, and here we are, back outside. Expecting a new journey.”

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

Being Modigliani

Being Warhol

Being Picasso

Being Van Gogh

Being Vrubel

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