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Chic Chicks, Big Haired Paduan Chickens Photographed In A Highly Stylized Portrait Series


In his new series “Chic Chicks“, photographer Dan Bannino worked with gorgeous Paduan chickens, fluffed up their oversized head crests like the big hair of the 1980s and shot them in highly stylized but flattering light. The effect is somewhat reminiscent of the ubiquitous Glamour Shots portraits that were popular at the same time.

h/t: laughingsquid

Neither Cosimo likes the sounds of Mondays, yet we have to start somewhere! ?✨ #chicchicks

A photo posted by Dan Bannino (@danbannino) on

A  cheeky sneak peek behind the scenes of our shooting! #chicchicks

A photo posted by Dan Bannino (@danbannino) on

Watch out! #chicchicks are coming ?

A photo posted by Dan Bannino (@danbannino) on

Who's ready to shine for the weekend? #chicchicks is out on Monday. Get your 80s' vibe on! ?

A photo posted by Dan Bannino (@danbannino) on

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