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Two Friends Start Free Mobile Laundry Service For Homeless


Two guys from Brisbane, Australia have taken it upon themselves to found a charity – Orange Sky Laundry, that offers a free mobile laundry service to the Australian Homeless. They’ve now officially been washing clothes for a month.


Childhood friends Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi came up with the idea last year, fitting out an old van nicknamed Sudsy with a generator, water tanks and two large washing machines and dryers, taking to the streets in their home town of Brisbane.


“We wanted to improve the hygiene standards of the homeless so we came up with this crazy idea of building a free mobile laundry,” Mr Marchesi said.


“We bought two washing machines and two dryers and put them in the back of a van and started driving around parks and drop in centres and washing and drying clothes for free.”


Surely a noble cause and inspirational as well. So are you going to open a laundry service like this in your city? Also, don’t miss “San Francisco’s Homeless Get Showers-On-Wheels With Transformed Old Buses“, “Canadian Kids Are Tying Coats To Street Poles To Keep Homeless Warm This Winter“, “This Guy Gives Homeless People Free Haircuts — And Changes Their Lives For The Better” and “A Fashion Designer Is Making Coats That Double As Sleeping Bags For The Homeless… And They’re Made From Abandoned Festival Tents

h/t: oddstuffmagazine, smh

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