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Reimagine Classic Movies Through The Acid-Trip Style Of Artist Dan Mumford

Working as a freelance illustrator, designer and screen printer, London based artist Dan Mumford creates highly detailed and imaginative images. His intricate work starts with hard, bold lines often drafted in pencil, pen or on a tablet. Then the colours and tones are refined and perfected. Dan has worked for artists such as ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Pearl Jam’, ‘Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Bleeding Through’ and ‘Gallows’ and continues to climb to the very top of his game.

“I don’t really know how to categorise it,” said Dan Mumford. “It developed from my love of comics and graphic novels and trying to replicate that when I was younger,” he explained. “Alongside that, I experimented with screen printing techniques around 12 years ago and the way I colour and shade came from that. So it’s a sort of mash-up of classic inking with screen printing techniques, but all done digitally. I think how I shade and do my colouring is quite different to how most people in this field work, but it does give what I do a certain look.”

More info: Dan Mumford, Instagram, Behance, Facebook

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