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Artist Criticizes Our Society By Showing Two Different Sides Of The Same Story

Without exaggeration I would like to say that Design You Trust was the first to write about this Russian artist. Not even a year has passed, and Russian artist Anton Gudim is back! In today’s article, we want to share more of his sarcastic comics from the “YES, BUT” series. Anton is a master of absurdity, irony, and dark humor. His illustrations perfectly capture the ridiculousness of modern society and make fun of something that we have accepted as normal.

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Anton Gudim is mostly known for the quirky short paneled comics he shares on Instagram, which now has more than 1 million followers. His newest project “YES, BUT” is similar in the topics, but is different in style, because here, unlike in his other works, Anton posts only two-panel comics. But don’t get yourselves tricked! Even though they are shorter, these comics are no less influential. The illustrations touch on topics such as consumerism, people’s behavior, ecology and many more. Through the prism of humor and irony, that’s how Anton portrays modern society.

Anton’s ideas come from observing everyday life. As the artist mentioned in previous interviews, over the years he has trained himself to notice something and to be in a constant search for ideas. Since he has formed an absurd surrealistic style, Anton looks at the world through the prism of it. “This is the way to fight the boredom: to see something new in the regular surroundings.”

The idea of creating “YES, BUT” comics came to Anton more than 4 years ago after he noticed that a lot of people are acting contradictorily and not noticing it. The comics evolved and now they depict not only people “who are in their individual manifestation”, but they are also about how “contradictory society itself and the structure of the world is.”

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