Retro Birdhouse Camper Kit Makes the Perfect Backyard Outpost – Design You Trust

Retro Birdhouse Camper Kit Makes the Perfect Backyard Outpost

In a charming sendup of the current camper van resurgence, Marcus Williams and Sj Stone of the Nashville-based design studio One Man, One Garage have created a set of vintage camper birdhouse kits that are the perfect backyard outpost for a family of birds.

The design was inspired by a 1974 Serro Scotty Hilander that once belonged to Williams, complete with decorative window shades and accessories such as flowers, a grill, and a few lawn flamingos. The wooden models each come in a 40-piece set, which are flat-packed for easy construction.

More info: One Man, One Garage, Instagram h/t colossal

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