Norwegian Artist Makes ‘Pillows’ From White Marble

Norwegian artist Håkon Anton Fagerås lives and works in Oslo where he creates incredibly realistic white pillows by sculpting blocks of marble. He uses a pneumatic hammer and other tools, and we’re completely blown away by the talent of this man.

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His pillows perfectly mimic real pillows, and it’s difficult to believe they’re made from marble when you’re looking at the photos.

“Because of the material qualities of marble itself, it appears fragile. It’s quite fragile, but it’s not that fragile, and yet it appears so because of the translucency and pureness of the stone,” Fagerås told Sculpture Atelier in an interview. As he says, he intends to create an atmosphere more than a literal representation of something that already exists.

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I’m carving another pillow! 😴 #marble

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…and it's finished! What do you think? #marble

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