This Is Supercool 3D Printed Jesus Mecha Christ Transformer

What would Jesus look like if he were a transformer? What if, when up on the cross, rather than accepting his fate and dying for our sins, Jesus had instead refused to do his father’s bidding and instead used the final dregs of his divinity to instead change into a giant robot and release murderous mechanical vengeance on the assembled Roman forces? Well, thanks to Jesus Mecha Christ, you can play out that very scenario in the privacy of your own home.

More: Etsy, Printing Information h/t: sadanduseless

Jesus Mecha Christ (so satisfying to type!) is a 3D-printed toy which you can either buy in kit form or ready-assembled on Etsy and which is a transforming model of crucified Jesus which, with a few deft twists and turns, transforms into a robot warrior.

If you have a 3D printer you can even download your own files and print your own – if it weren’t so blasphemous to suggest, we’d say this would be God’s work.

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