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“Air, Land & Sea” Exhibition: 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs Of The National Geographic

Leopard seal, Anvers Island, Antarctica, 2006. (Photo by Paul Nicklen/National Geographic)

Albatross colony, Steeple Jason Island, Falkland Islands, 2015. (Photo by Paul Nicklen/National Geographic)

Orphan elephants mudding in a man-made waterhole in the Voi elephant stockade in Tsavo East national park, Kenya, 2010. (Photo by Michael Nichols/National Geographic)

Spinner dolphins, Oahu, Hawaii, 2013. (Photo by Brian Skerry/National Geographic)

Orangutan, Gunung Palung national park, Borneo, Indonesia, 2015. (Photo by Tim Laman/National Geographic)

Cassowary, north-east Queensland, Australia, 2012. (Photo by Christian Ziegler/National Geographic)

Sea lions playing, Hopkins Island, Australia, 1984. (Photo by David Doubilet/National Geographic)

Panda, Wolong nature reserve, Sichuan province, China, 2015. (Photo by Ami Vitale/National Geographic)

Gray whale,San Ignacio lagoon, Mexico, 2015. (Photo by Thomas P. Peschak/National Geographic)

Lighting, Wood River, Nebraska, 2016. (Photo by Randy Olson/National Geographic)

Forest kermode bear, Gribbell Island, Canada, 2010. (Photo by Paul Nicklen/National Geographic)

CT4 Crocodile cave on the Salamat river. Set up with Nathan Williamson last chip rain came while we were with the nomads. (Photo by Michael Nichols/National Geographic)

A giraffe walking in a misty forest in the Ndumu Game Reserve. (Photo by Chris Johns/National Geographic)

Vumbi (dust) pride 5 adult females and 9 cubs born in April 2011. Plains pride of the Serengeti Lion research project. Social licking before full moon night , low success in hunting. (Photo by Michael Nichols/National Geographic)

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