Paragliding Photographer Captures Stunning Landscape Images From High In The Air


Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski has found a truly unique way to combine his talent with his self-described “addiction” for paragliding by shooting stunning local landscape photos taken on his way down from very high up in the air.

More info: Kacper Kowalski, Instagram (h/t: laughingsquid)


“I had two ways to go. …Rehab, or to find an excuse good enough to fly. Photography appeared to be such an excuse.Growing up, we usually forget how important it is to make the basics questionable. …And up there, at 500 feet, everything becomes new, although it is all well known. Aerial photographers tend to fly to distant and exotic locations, capturing the Pyramids or other great structures from the air. What I do is a bit more difficult, more challenging and more subtle. Flying in my backyard and finding amazing, stunning, memorable beauty in the everyday is the thing I follow,” he told The New York Times.


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